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Hiring A Hacker To Fix Your Credit Score

There is a 99% chance that you’d never find a hacker to take care of all your credit issues remotely and undetected. The credit agencies are generally run by financial institutions. They take security very seriously.

If you did find a hacker that would go through the rigorous task of gaining access to their systems making a modification and then deleting all evidence that the modification has been made. You’d be in to pay quite a sum of money - it could easily also take months of work looking for security flaws, and they would still need a way of ensuring the change was saved. Most hackers are low level ‘script kiddies’, and this will completely be out of their work scope.
An insider would have a far easier time pulling the hack off. Assuming they had system access and the rights to make changes, It’s unlikely they could get around the logging systems often, so it’s going to be found out sooner or later if they got around to do try it more than once. On the other hand, using the Rootgate …

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